About CasM

Discovering Healing Beyond Boundaries

Motivation for Sharing

At Consciousness as Medicine, we are driven by the love and sheer joy of working with the profound power of consciousness. It is a divine grace accessible to all who are open and embrace it with care. Our mission is to share this incredible possibility with everyone.

When facing life-threatening diseases, many people feel helpless and resigned to their fate, relying solely on medical knowledge. However, we believe in empowering individuals to recognize their innate power to heal their bodies and minds. By exploring higher and deeper realms of consciousness beyond our waking state, a whole new world of possibilities opens up.

During the healing process, people connect with the inner Light and Truth, leading to not only physical healing but also lasting transformation in their consciousness.

Discovering the healing methods

For over two decades, I was searching for a deeper way of healing. Ironically, the knowledge and practice came to me spontaneously when I stopped searching in the external systems and therapies. These methods revealed themselves during patient healing sessions. The practices emerged first, and then much later over a course of years, I began to understand the principles and process of healing. 

Requisites for Healing

To embark on this journey of healing, all you need is a small seed of faith and a willingness to work on yourself. Once the process begins, and the inner doors open, your inner consciousness takes over the healing journey.

Role of the Healer in the Healing Process

At Consciousness as Medicine, our role is to facilitate the initial process and help open the inner doors, but the true healing work is done by you. We believe that every individual has the capacity to heal from within.

Holistic Healing Techniques

You may wonder about the specific healing techniques we use. The truth is that these methods have evolved naturally and are not bound by fixed protocols. Each case demands a unique approach, as we explore diverse ways to connect with the profound consciousness and open both the body and mind to its healing influence.

Healing Beyond Conventional Boundaries

At Consciousness as Medicine, we believe in embracing a new perspective on healing. Rather than focusing solely on curing diseases, our approach centers on opening the body and mind to truth and higher consciousness. When individuals embark on the healing journey with an open mind, the body recovers its faith and heals itself naturally.

The Unpredictable Nature of Healing

While we cannot predict with certainty which diseases will be cured, our experience has shown that the body consistently responds positively to the power of higher consciousness. The mind’s doubts and faltering will often pose the biggest obstacles, hindering the full potential of healing.

Unique Obstacles to Overcome

Every individual faces unique challenges on their healing path. For some, it may be their mind’s limiting beliefs about the body and disease. Others might struggle with a lack of will or effort to work on themselves.

Everyone can heal oneself

Our healing approach is available to everyone, irrespective of age, mental beliefs, or religious background. You don’t need to be a yogi or a spiritual guru to heal yourself. All that’s required is a humble mind and a willingness to engage in self-work for healing.

The Essence Behind Healing Techniques

While techniques may play a role, it’s crucial to grasp the essence and essential principle behind healing. The consciousness that underlies the techniques holds the true power for transformation. Techniques alone, devoid of that consciousness, are mere exercises with limited impact.

Entering the Realm of Consciousness

Exploring the depths of consciousness may seem incredible from an ordinary state of mind influenced by conventional medical knowledge. However, when we venture within and reach deeper states of consciousness, healing becomes natural and effortless. The possibilities become limitless.

The Mind’s Limitations

The human mind, limited and arrogantly ignorant, cannot fully comprehend consciousness or healing. Attempting to fit these profound concepts into the mind’s confined framework results in a distorted understanding. True comprehension requires experiencing the higher realms of consciousness.

Transcending Preconceived Notions

Even the most experienced minds may fall prey to arrogance, assuming they understand it all. Only through experiencing healing firsthand can one shed this illusion and realize the vastness and complexity of consciousness.

At Consciousness as Medicine, we invite you to let go of preconceived notions, embrace the power of higher consciousness, and embark on a transformative journey towards healing. Experience it for yourself, and understanding and trust will naturally follow. The true essence lies not in the mind’s grasp but in the profound realms of consciousness waiting to be discovered within you

Embrace the power of Consciousness as Medicine and unlock the transformative potential within yourself. Begin this journey with a small spark of faith, and let the inner consciousness lead you towards profound healing and personal growth.

Join us in exploring the boundless potential of Consciousness as Medicine