My Journey

At the age of 15, in the year 1989, a series of mystic inner experiences turned my life upside down. For a period of three months, I was in a different state of consciousness, completely withdrawn from the outside world. As I gradually regained normal senses, something within me had changed forever. I lost interest in the outer world, and was obsessed with the existential question – who am I, what is the purpose of my life? 

I was convinced that life must have.a deeper meaning. The outer world appeared too superficial and hollow, there was nothing that interested me or inspired me. I was convinced that nothing in this world  is worth pursuing, nothing can satisfy  the thirst of the soul.  Somewhere deeply I felt  that there must be more to Life than what we see on the surface. This quest led me irrevocably towards the path of spirituality. One fine day, in a moment of inspiration, I made a pact with God – “this life is for You. I am not going to live the rat race any more”

The next two years of my life while I was in class 11 and 12, were the formative years of my life. I was actively seeking the company of Sadhus and Yogis, people who have renounced ordinary life in search of God. I began exploration through Bhagvad Gita and Upanishads, bought a whole lot of spiritual books to gain insights into the reality of life. It was a chance encounter with Dr Dilip Kumar Roy’s book, “Sri Aurobindo came to me”, that touched me. 

Though there was a strong urge to renounce and become a Sadhu,  I had decided to become a doctor, since I wanted to be independent and not depend on others for a living. I had two choices in my mind, JIPMER because of Sri Aurobindo Ashram and Benarus HIndu University considering the spiritual heritage of Benaras. 

I was preparing for my medical entrance examinations. Jipmer results was the first to come, and once I heard that I was selected in JIPMER, I felt a deep sensation in my heart as if an inner door has opened, I knew I was called. I joined JIPMER in July 1992, and decided to stay there inspite of the fact that I got admission in many other colleges including my hometown Shimla. 

In Sri Aurobindo Ashram, I became  part of a small group of doctors inspired by Sri Aurobindo and  working on Integral Health. Soon NAMAH journal was born. My journey in Modern Medicine and Integral Health started simultaneously. During my undergraduate JIPMER days, I would spend most of my free time in Ashram and Integral health centre. During those years, I learned much about alternate systems of medicine, met many experts. However during all these years, I felt something missing in all these systems of medicine. I voraciously devoured all the books of Mother and Sri Aurobindo especially related to health. I knew they were true, but for many many years I had no idea how to convert those ideas into a practice while dealing with patients. It seemed the two worlds, spiritual and outer world were  far apart. 

After spending thirteen years in Pondicherry, I felt I needed to experience the real word outside and continue my pursuit of God and Truth in the outer world. I was seeking for a way to convert those truths that lay buried in the books. into real world practise 

It was many many years later in February 2011, that the first revelation happened in the form of my fist patient, Alka while working in a corporate hospital. It was a strange set of queer circumstances that brought the patient to me, and I had absolutely no idea how I was going to treat her. It all happened spontaneously and miraculously, the entire guidance came from somewhere else. This was my fist real complete experience of a miraculous healing. It was a surreal experience, I was shocked. My mind had no idea what happened, why it happened. There was no theory from any system of medicine to explain what had happened. The next few months were surreal, a series of patients with different complaints came on their own, and with each patient, I was discovering a new truth, a new method of healing. Each healing was a miracle for me, there was no way my mind could make sense of what was happening. They were all normal people with physical complaints, so there was nothing much to doubt the reality of the healing. I loved the healing sessions, because the experience took me into deeper states of consciousness, and after each session there was a lingering experience of inner peace and joy. 

It was only after many months, that I began to intellectually make sense of the healing experiences. Something within me had changed with all these experiences. I could no longer look at human body the old way. My relationship with my body changed forever. 

Inspired by the series of healings, I began to share the knowledge and practices with others who were open to it. Thus was born “Consciousness as Medicine” in 2011, and I started visiting many organisations and cities to share the wonderful discovery of self healing with all. 

It is ten years since 2011, I am happy to say that many people have opened up to the reality of “inner healing”, I see few people who are talking about it and perhaps also practising some aspects of it. 

In the next few lines, I would share the essence of my learnings over these last ten years. 

1. Change the relationship with your body. Respect and love your body. 

Normally we use and abuse our body pretty much unconsciously. We have a distant relation with our body, and remember her only when something goes wrong and we suffer or disability because of her. We have no inherent love or respect for our body. We must remember that our body is not a machine, but a highly evolved and conscient  body. The first and most important thing in healing is to change this relationship with our body, from an inconscient relationship to a conscious relationship of love and respect. 

2. The body has a consciousness of its own. 

Each part of the body has its own confsiousnesess. Each part has its own intelligence. We can communicate with each part of our body. 

3. Each thought, each feeling affects the body. 

Every thought and feeling creates a neurochemical change in the brain, and every neurochemical event in the body has the potential to affect every organ and cell of the body. 

The organs are also living in a sort of psychological environment, and are affected by your thoughts, beliefs and emotions. 

4. Your body responds to your love and attention. 

Each part of your body has the capacity to feel your love and care. Your body and its organs responds to the vibrations of love. Love has the power to heal the cells and tissues. 

5 Food is important. Food is not the only source of energy 

What you eat, how you eat affects your body. Our actual requirement of food is much lower than what we imagine. Food carries its own consciousness and that affects our body. Food must taken like a “Prasad”, offered to the Divine and in small quantity just enough to provide energy and nutrients to the body. 

However food is not the only source of energy for the body. The body can learn to derive energy from earth, plants, water, sun, Prana and Divine energy

6. You have an unlimited access “pranic shakti”, universal energy. 

Man has the capacity to get direct access to “pranic shakti, the universal life force. This life force helps in brining harmony in the being, and has the power to heal the physical body. 

7. You have access to deeper / higher levels of consciousness 

In a meditative state, man has the ability to access the deeper / higher  layers of consciousness, which are radically different in quality from the outer layers of consciousness. These layers of consciousness carry with them a tremendous power of peace and joy. Even a few minutes of experience of these levels of consciousness has the power to change the outer being and its direction. 

8. Man cannot limit or define the boundaries of “Consciousness” and healing. 

Man cannot limit or define the limits of consciousness as medicine. We can only superficially understand consciousness with our rational mind, similarly we can only superficially understand “consciousness as medicine” with the limits of rational mind. With each inner experience, a new understanding emerges and with each experience a new possibility arises. We humans are not in a position to set the limits of what is possible and what is not.

When we live in a deeper / higher state of consciousness, we become partially free from the constraints and limits of outer consciousness. Just like at sub atomic levels of matter, Quantum physics operates which is quite in contrast to the principles of Newtonian physics. In these deeper states of consciousness, a new reality emerges, a new possibility emerges.

I welcome all readers to embark on this inner journey of consciousness and experience first hand how the inner layers of our consciousness have the transformative power over our being. 


Yogesh Mohan