A Consciousness Approach to High Blood Pressure with Dr. Yogesh Mohan

Dr. Yogesh Mohan’s single two and a half hour session on A Consciousness Approach to High Blood Pressure’, went beyond merely addressing the issue of high blood pressure from a medical perspective and provided an overview of the larger picture of life and its true purpose and potentiality, which is a stark contrast to the way life is lived and played out, hinging on to the tenuous nature of the surface consciousness that is entirely dependent upon the feed provided by the approval and sanction of the external world and external environment.

The aim of the session was to widen the scope of understanding and provide a snapshot of the conditions that actually contribute to the cause of the imbalances resulting in high blood pressure.

Modern life, he said, was akin to surfing the surface waters of the ocean, characterised by the endless waves, the rise and fall without the respite of any pause.

Similar is the condition of modern existence, which is so caught up with the demands of the external world and the demands of one’s own expectations, one ceaselessly gets tossed by every little condition and occurrence that is not in resonance with one’s views and belief -systems. High BP symbolises a rigidity in the being. This causes a rigidity in the body and in the arteries as well.

The mounting stress caused by this pattern of life finds expression as outbursts which results in imbalances in health, causing the rise of the blood pressure.

There is no anchoring to what is truly stable and beautiful that lies within oneself that is as deep and beautiful as the calm waters at the depth of the ocean.

Anchoring, Purification and Refinement of Emotions

One needs to find an anchoring within. One has to move towards the Presence within, the sanctuary of peace within: it’s a revered and sacred site for our attention field.

It is imperative to cultivate a relationship with Light, the steady flame of aspiration within the heart.

One needs to invite the golden light, a manifestation of The Divine Mother within the heart, feel it flow through the body, the arteries… the light that has the potency to dissolve all rigidities that come to be lodged within.

All negative emotions vaporise in the presence of a heart filled with the Presence of The Divine Light.

It has the power to subtilise gross energies caused by the imprint of negative emotions.

The Light of Forgiveness

One has to bequeath to oneself the freedom that comes from the act of cleansing the mind, heart and body space from the imprints of taunting memories, unresolved demands, their associated feelings and ruffled emotions by practising forgiveness. Our day-to-day relationship with ourselves and the world outside demands this anchoring and an awakening from the forgetfulness of what lies deep within us. This remembrance can be the focal point of an anchoring.

Forgiveness and expansion are the wings of awareness that helps us soar high. All that is hidden within is met with a consciousness that is full of light and kindness and is drawn out to be seen from a witness perspective, acknowledged, offered to the Divine within and transformed into a settled poise that is so very powerful. What normally ruffles one has no strength to match this poise of an in-gathered energy of light and love. The light that is the presiding power at the centre illuminates all. One soars in an infinite freedom of goodwill and peace. Hatred and other negative emotions have no soil here to exist and flourish.

The Power of Connectedness

One could also foster a loving relationship with anything that holds the essence of the loving spirit of divinity. One could connect with the immensity of the sky, the ocean, the evergreen heart of trees, plants and the unbounded love of nature and animals to experience the beauty of a ‘beyondness’, that is beyond one’s constricted perspective and experience of life.

One needs to find an entry-point to journey into the realms of peace and expansiveness.

The Importance of Recalibrating One’s Perspective

One must view imbalances such as high blood pressure as an opportunity to discover the true underlying cause of the imbalance, understand the triggers that may have caused it, take ownership for expanding the threshold of acceptance in a healthy spirit and seek to regulate the sympathetic overtones. One must view the occurrence as a call to recalibrate one’s mental and emotional constricts and reclaim wellness at a deeper level. One must learn to recognise the core of the being as one’s home, as a light that guides and protects.

The Power of Identity: the Essence of the Soul

The importance of identifying ourselves with who we are in our true nature was underlined by Dr. Yogesh. Caught in the swirling phenomena of the external world, one runs through the time-space matrix, identifying oneself with the roles that life and circumstances bequeath to us. We allow our limited, jaded perspective of our roles to guide our acts which solidify into behaviour patterns.

The consciousness approach to life on the other hand ensures the presence and unfolding of the soul’s essence in everyday acts. A seamless connection ensues where the fragrance of tranquillity and peace that one finds in purely meditative states come to be experienced at all times, touching thought, emotions, speech and acts.

As the Mother mentions, one is able to ” think truly, feel truly and act truly”.

Life, a Gift of the Divine

Life acquires an entirely new dimension when one is lit by the aspiration to discover the beauty of a life, connected to a deeper purpose and that is, the joy of living for the Divine, remembering the Divine as a constant pulse of love within, seeing the Divine in all beings and to be a child and channel of The Divine Mother.

The way lies in truly seeking a release from all narrowness in thought, speech, emotions, perspectives and acts and in all earnest surrender all that one is, all that one is holding on to, at the feet of The Divine Mother. We are held captive by the very thing that we are holding on to, be it attachments, opinions, judgment, emotions such as anger, worries, etc. and the wisdom lies in laying all at Her Feet …

We need to remember that every notion or thought, has the power to change the mind, the brain and the entire neuro-endocrine system and hence be vigilant about what we entertain within our being and heart-space. It can change the blood pressure too.

The practice session initiated by Dr. Yogesh transported the seekers to a realm of quietude and peace, paving the way to immerse in the power of Her Love and Presence, thus enabling the cells and the arteries to experience the thrill of the Divine touch of love and light as they flow ever so gently through the body.

Healing happens when, through the presence of consciousness, one embarks on an inner journey of purification and opens the entire being to receive the beatitude of Divine love.

And most importantly may the heart sing the anthem:” May Thy Will be done”.


The experience was beautiful. It brought great peace, but also helped to notice defects in my being that must be worked upon. Dr Yogesh s insights are always valuable.

“I could experience the softness in the tissues. And could experience The Mother holding my heart.”

“A structured approach to healing through consciousness.”

“Few more aspects could have been discussed. “

“A profound peace felt”

“We can save some valuable time by not doing the introductions of all members during the workshop time.”

  • Date : February 22, 2024