Healing the Self


On the first day of the experiential sessions, Dr. Yogesh Mohan focused on the principles of healing, giving a more profound knowledge of our body and the physical healing approaches. In his words, healing is not a philosophy or a theory to be explained. Healing is an experience to be had. Even a tiny drop of experience is enough to break the crust of the ego and start the healing process. The first principle of healing is that our body is a conscious instrument of the Divine. Our body is not a machine. Our body is made up of millions of cells, each one of which is conscious. There is an inherent intelligence in the cell which knows precisely its functions. This intelligence is guiding the cells. He emphasised that we must appreciate the creative intelligence and wisdom of the cells at this juncture. Beyond the human world, we are part of the animal and plant kingdom. Further, we are all part of the earth at a more fundamental level, this solar system. In short, we are part of the entire ecosystem.

Dr. Mohan drew the participants’ attention to the healing power of Mother Earth. The Earth is referred to as Mother Earth in our spiritual tradition. It is a a manifestation of the divine Consciousness. This changes our whole attitude towards Mother Earth. Above all, earth is a mighty healer in our collective healing process. She can absorb the negative energies from our being and has immense regenerative power. We have the immense capacity to connect to Mother Earth to feel rooted in her, let go of all the negative vibrations and absorb her regenerative nurturing capacity.

The session concluded with a simple but beautiful guided experiential exercise. Dr. Yogesh Mohan guided the participants to connect to Mother Earth and, through that connection, aided them to release the pain and worries that obscure the consciousness and feel the pure energy that is getting absorbed by our body from the Earth.


Dr Yogesh Mohan started the 2nd day of the session focusing on bringing the threads of consciousness back to the inner consciousness. The focal point of the second session was how to use prana (breathing) as a healing tool.

In the words of Dr. Mohan, prana is much more than the breath. We breathe from our lungs. But respiration occurs in each cell of the body. Each cell needs oxygen. The body breathes from various parts and can draw in prana from every part of the body. It is one of the tools that can heal the body. It is the blockage of energies that creates pain. Prana can remove the energy-blocks.

Prana can remove pain and heal the body, a very simple tool freely available to us. All we need to do is learn to breathe from different parts of the body. We must learn to breathe from the spin and navel. Breathing from here helps make the whole space more conscious refined and aids in digestion by giving a pranic massage to the abdomen. It also helps a great deal emotionally. Becoming aware of the solar plexus region helps make the emotional part much more balanced.

Another approach to healing that was emphasised was our attitude towards our body. All of us treat our bodies like a machine.  The body is a conscious and living being. We need to change the fundamental relationship with our body and treat the body like a small child. The vibration of love can bring a more profound experience to the body. Love is a powerful tool and this vibration works wonders on the body. For it to work, it must be genuine and sincere.

Dr Yogesh Mohan guided two excellent experiential exercises on using the Pranic Shakti as a tool to heal the body.

Session 3

The third and final day of the session started focusing on spiritual healing approaches and how to use this approach for healing.  Dr. Yogesh Mohan explained how our entanglement with thoughts and identification with our roles in life and profession create pain and suffering.  Anything that breaks us from this entanglement is a liberating experience. For example, when we connect to nature, we connect with that part of us and feel liberated. Any healing is possible in this state.  This was supplemented by a guided experiential exercise on the observation of our thoughts.

As we become aware of our mind space and emotional space, we realise that our mind is so full of extraneous thoughts, which are not divine in their essence. This way, we respond and attract all sorts of things and people around us. All the inputs which come from the outside create disorder in the body. We have to learn to answer to the one Force alone -absolute opening only to the Divine and nothing else. Divine aspiration should occupy the mind-space and heart-space. Every thought and emotion turned towards the Divine. Moving away from the ordinary way filled with ignorance and suffering and turning towards the Divine is the only solution. Dr. Mohan further added that the key lies in our recognition of the working of the Grace. Trust, faith and gratitude are essential for the Divine Grace to act.

Almost 60 people enrolled for this 3-day event.

Some testimonials from the participants:

“Many, many thanks to Dr. Mohan.

Jis words are life altering.”

  • Date : March 3, 2023 - March 5, 2023
  • Venue : SAIIIHR, Pondicherry