Change your Beliefs – Change your Body

Dear readers, I will try to share with you few insights which I have gained over the years of
healing patients through consciousness as primary therapy. These insights reflect a larger truth,
a law of inner nature.
I have acquired this knowledge through my own experience. The purpose of writing is to help
the readers to gain the knowledge. Reading these words with the mind alone will have limited
benefit, it will be just another Concept. And we have innumerable scriptures or books which give
us ideas and concepts. The purpose of my writing is not that. The objective is to help you open
your being to the real experience, which alone brings the definitive knowledge.
So, the question is how can we benefit from other’s experience. How can we reach out and
touch the real Idea which is behind all these words.

Why we need to go beyond the words to the Idea behind

The words are an effort of the mind to express an inner knowledge or an experience. Since, we
come from varied social and philosophical backgrounds, naturally even though the experience
or Idea may be similar, but the intellectual expression will be different, sometimes even appear
contradictory to the receiving mind. Therefore, we need to go beyond the outer words and
expressions to catch the Idea behind these words.

How do we catch the IDEA behind

Try to make the following experiment.
• Realise that the words do not in themselves mean much, unless they reveal the the Idea
• Become completely quiet – complete silence in the mind, quietude in the vital and the body.
• Now slowly read the words.
• Avoid the habit of the mind to intellectually understand or react to them. Develop the art of
reading without making any effort to understand or reaction.
• Allow the words to slowly penetrate your mind, and in complete silence of the mind allow the
words to reveal the Idea behind.
• Close your eyes, allow the Idea to transform into an inner experience.

• Allow the experience to unfurl, without trying to understand or regulate.

Your beliefs are not really your own

You carry deep seated beliefs about who you are, what you are capable of, your strengths, your
weaknesses, about health and healing, etc. Try to carefully observe these beliefs, and discover
their origins. Why do we believe, what we believe? Is our belief not similar to our parents’, our
teacher’s, our society’s beliefs? is it not true, that we have consciously, unconsciously absorbed
the beliefs from our environment, and over a period of time it appears as if they are our own.
But, if we were to carefully dissect each belief, go to its origin, we will realise that these beliefs
are not borne out of our own personal experience, but merely reflect the belief of the collectivity
around us. We need to become free from these beliefs, else our life will merely follow the same
old beaten patterns.
Are you ready to let go of your old beliefs?

Your body follows your beliefs

If you believe you are getting old, your body follows that message sincerely and undergoes all
the changes at cellular level associated with old age. Have you not seen people who suddenly
fall down in health status following the diagnosis of disease. For long the body must be
managing the disorder, but once the disorder gets a confirmation by the doctor in the form of a
disease, the health status deteriorates suddenly. Similarly you observe how quickly people age
after their retirements, for the retirement pronounces that you are old, and the body follows
You cannot cheat your body, you cannot cheat the body to believe something, when deep inside
your believe something else. There are several layers of beliefs, and you have to discover all
these layer by layer, and infuse consciousness and light in them. For most of the beliefs are
borne out of ordinary experience, but here if you wish to make your body conscious and reject
the patterns of old age, you need to reject all the habitual beliefs of your environment and
society. Your body needs to live in the environment of your own beliefs, beliefs which reflect the
Higher Consciousness and Truth.

Are you willing to change your beliefs?

Change your beliefs first, and the body will follow

If you truly wish to come out of illness, you must believe it is possible. This will open the doors of
possibility, and some work is possible. If you wish to maintain good health, you must believe it is
possible, and then you will be able to take the logical steps to achieve your goal. There are
many of us who believe that just because the doctors have diagnosed diabetes or hypertension
or heart disease- it means that I have to live with these diseases life long. We are so strongly
influenced by the suggestions of the doctors around.
But I tell you, if you truly want, you can come out of these chronic conditions. It is not necessary
to live with diseases and problems. First you must believe it is possible, and then we can find a
way to achieve the same.
Many people believe that just because the age increases, the body should follow the patterns of
other old people, and start getting the usual diseases of old age. But I tell you, all that is merely
a habit, which you can break if you wish to. We have within us the power to change the beliefs,
to remove the disease patterns, to rejuvenate the body. We must believe that first, open the
doors of possibility and start the inner work.

Inner check – Did something stir within you on reading these words? Did any door open up?
Did the words help create an inner experience?

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