Consciousness – the foundation for a New Medicine

In the relentless pursuit of progress, the field of medicine has undergone a remarkable transformation, evolving into a domain of precision and enhanced safety. Advancements in technology and scientific research have propelled the medical community forward, allowing for a deeper understanding of the body’s intricate processes and more effective interventions in the face of diseases. The advent of minimally invasive surgeries, precision medicine, targeted therapies, and the integration of artificial intelligence signifies a direction where medical science is becoming not only more precise but also less disruptive.

While our external world has witnessed unprecedented advancements, the same cannot be said for the inner growth of individuals. The last century bore witness to a colossal surge in scientific and technological breakthroughs, revolutionizing the way we perceive and interact with the world. However, the fundamental nature of humanity has not evolved at a comparable pace. The physical body, the mind, and emotions remain fundamentally unchanged from centuries past. Despite these disparities, unmistakable signs in our world point to the necessity for further evolution, urging humanity to ascend to its higher self as a species.

Transitioning from Surface Ego to Profound Consciousness

In our current state, many of us predominantly dwell in our surface consciousness. Yet, as individuals embark on a spiritual journey of evolution, they begin to recognize that their surface personality represents merely a superficial layer of their being. Much like an unexplored ocean, our existence is vast and deep, with myriad layers of consciousness waiting to be uncovered. With each spiritual experience, individuals gain insights into their deeper selves, expanding the scope of their inner being. The evolving human will become increasingly conscious of the various layers of consciousness within, understanding their functions and intricacies.

Shifting from Second-hand Knowledge to First-hand Instinctive Knowledge

Presently, medical science relies heavily on external means such as technology and observation for knowledge about the body and medicines. This knowledge, however, is inherently superficial, limited, and bound by time, susceptible to replacement by newer research and technology. As humanity continues to evolve, individuals will develop a heightened perception of their bodies and minds. An innate understanding of internal organs and an intuitive grasp of solutions for healing will replace dependence on external sources. This shift will empower individuals to instinctively know what ails their inner organs and how to facilitate their recovery.

Moving from Isolation to Oneness

Currently, there exists a belief in our isolated existence as distinct individuals with no tangible connections to fellow humans or the various elements of nature. However, as humanity undergoes an evolutionary process, individuals come to perceive and understand the inherent unity within Nature, encompassing all living and non-living entities. This realization extends to the unity of physical matter, highlighting our interconnectedness on physical, mental, and spiritual planes. The evolving individual also grasps a profound sense of life’s immortality, transitioning seamlessly from one life to another. In this evolved state, a pervasive loneliness dissipates, and individuals effortlessly establish connections with people, the land, and the surrounding natural environment, fostering a profound sense of interconnectedness.

Enhancing Inner Awareness of the Body

At present, human understanding of the inner workings of the physical body is limited. Most bodily processes operate involuntarily, guided by the body’s innate intelligence. The next stage of evolution involves a heightened awareness of internal organ function, coupled with an intuitive ability to communicate with these organs. Individuals will develop the capability to influence and guide the functioning of their organs through conscious means.

Conscious Collaboration with Body Consciousness

This evolution is not limited to awareness alone; individuals will also cultivate the ability to communicate with their internal organs consciously. In instances of illness, the body will signal potential issues before they manifest as symptoms or abnormal lab results. Armed with intuitive knowledge, individuals will take appropriate actions, aiding the immune system and facilitating healing. This conscious collaboration extends to dietary choices, herbal remedies, and maintaining a calm mental poise, instilling confidence in the body’s innate ability to heal. The evolved individual will possess a keen understanding of their body’s responses to interventions, distinguishing between effective and ineffective measures.

In essence, the foundation for a new medicine lies in the conscious evolution of humanity itself. As individuals transcend their surface consciousness, tap into instinctive knowledge, embrace oneness, and deepen their inner awareness, a profound shift in healthcare paradigms awaits—an era where the body’s innate intelligence is consciously harnessed for healing and well-being.

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