Covid 19 – a Consciousness approach

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 We can have a deeper understanding of health only if we go behind the surface, and discover the secret of body, Divine and the virus. This knowledge is an intuitive knowledge, an experiential knowledge, and no amount of lectures or discussions can reveal this knowledge to man. Even if we talk or write about this knowledge, the ordinary mind cannot understand this, for it is beyond the mind’s scope of  comprehension. 

We need to begin with a certain level of humility – that we do not really know, and that our ordinary mind is incapable of knowing. With this perspective, we can begin to open our being to a new knowledge, a new experience. 

Knowledge must bring along with it a power, a power to change. Knowledge without that Shakti is sterile and dry, of no value. A deeper knowledge of our body and the virus must bring along with it a power to act on the body and the virus.

Let us have clarity on few basic facts about the way this corona virus has affected the people. 

Fact 1- Not all those who are exposed to the corona virus, acquire the infection. 

Fact 2- Among those who acquire the infection, many do not show any symptoms.

Fact 3 – Among those who show symptoms, many show very mild symptoms.

Fact 4 – It is only in a very small percentage of people, in whom the disease becomes serious leading to complications and death. 

Fact 5 – It is the body’s immune systems which mainly decides whether an individual is going to acquire infection or not, symptoms or not, serious disease or not ? 

Fact 6 – The body’s immune system is to a significant extent influenced by ones state of mind and consciousness. Your immune system works best in an inner environment of peace, joy and absence of any fear or stress. 

So, what does this mean? This means that you are not helpless. This implies that you as an individual have a large role to play. This means that you can consciously change the way your body responds to the Corona virus, or any other virus. 

So what can you as an individual do to create the best possible inner environment for your body’s immune system – 

  1. Live with an awareness and common sense. Avoid crowds. Use masks in public places. Wash your hands once you touch external objects. 
  2. Become free from the entire atmosphere of fear and panic, which the whole world is in. Do not indulge in watching news and debates around the pandemic, which only creates a sub conscious fear. 
  3. Reject every element of fear from your mind, vital and the body. There must be no vibration of fear in your consciousness. Fear is the greatest enemy of the body. Fear attracts the vibrations of the illness and makes your body and vital vulnerable
  4. Invoke the protection of the Divine Power around you, Feel protected by the Presence. Know that nothing can touch you as long as the protective envelope is strong and pure. Any disease, any vibration has to pass this protective envelope before it touches you. 

And just in case you acquire the infection –

  1. Do not worry, do not fear. Consider it as an opportunity  given by the Divine to work on the virus. 
  2. Know that your body can overcome the infection, and the best condition for your body to heal is silence, confidence and trust. 
  3. Invoke the Divine healing Light and allow your body to heal and overcome the virus with confidence. 
  4. Monitor the response of your body with medical tools. This will help you gain more confidence and deepen the trust in your body’s healing capacity. 

Chose the Divine, chose good health, chose trust under all circumstances. We are children of the Divine Mother, and must align with Her Force and Light. We can overcome any challenge, if we consciously open to the Divine and allow the Divine to act on us. 

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