The body heals from within

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“To keep quiet and concentrate, leaving the Force from above to do its work is the surest way to be cured of anything and everything. There is no illness that can resist that if it is done properly, in time and long enough, with a steady faith and a calm will.” 

~The Mother 

Learning to listen to our body 

Most of us do not care much about our body. Our relationship with our body is quite distant. We use and abuse our bodies in terms of food, physical activity and so on. We have no connection with our body and what it really needs. We treat it as a machine. We generally forget what the body is, what it is made up of and what it needs. We must recognise that our body is not a machine, but rather an extremely conscious entity having a remarkable intuitive intelligence. What our body knows and what it can do is far superior to our mental knowledge and the medical know-how available to us. 

Recognising our body as an intelligent and a conscious being is the first step towards healing. 

Realise, recognise the divinity in the body

It is important to realise, appreciate and acknowledge the divinity present in the physical body. This divinity is there in every organ of the body. 

The body is a conscious being 

Every part of the body is conscious and divine in nature. The natural corollary that flows from this is that the body, every organ and every cell listen to our thoughts and responds to what we think and feel. They respond to our deep-seated beliefs. Unless and until we change our thought-structure and belief-systems we cannot change our body and bring about deep healing. 

Faith Heals

Faith is a deep-seated belief that one is taken care of and wellness is a Divine blessing bestowed upon us. This belief opens the possibility of healing. Faith is not a merely intellectual construct, but it is actually translated in the physical body as a series of neuro-chemical changes. It brings about a change in the physical, chemical, neurological environment in which the cells exist. Quick fixes do not work as without inner change in the deep-rooted belief-systems, external changes do not in lasting healing. Integral healing requires fundamental changes in the way we look at the body and the manner in which we deal with our mind and our life. 

The key to healing is within us

The psychological environment that we live in needs to be changed. The path to this is in our hands. We are not dependent on others. The key to transformation and healing is with us. We just need to learn to use it. Various systems of medicine may be used successfully provided that we have faith. Consciousness is the primary therapy for healing and all the other systems of medicine are secondary and would support the healing process. Drugs support healing; they do not create healing. Cellular healing is the primary mode of healing and it is facilitated by our consciousness. For this to happen, we need to establish a different relationship with our body one based on trust of its intuitive intelligence. We must listen to it and respond. This is the integral approach to healing. 

Food and its impact on the body 

Food plays an important part in our health and well being. Food impacts us in various ways. Food also has its own consciousness. The consciousness attached to a certain food influences us. Not only that, consciousness of the people who prepare the food and serve it also impacts it. Thus, it is recommended to eat simple food. We must eat for the body. We generally eat food for entertainment, habit, psychological reasons as so on. We eat on the basis of our preconceived notions. We must ask ourselves why we are eating this food. We must listen to our body and take its consent before eating. We eat too much and too often. If we can learn to eat only for the body and take its consent before eating ,we will be able to bring a remarkable transformation. Further, once we become more conscious, we will learn to understand the consciousness and vibrations attached with different types of food. Eating will become a meditation of its own. We will start eating slowly, consciously; enjoying each morsel while understanding how our body is responding to the food we are eating. Once we are able to consciously change our food habits most of our body’s problems will resolve on their own. 

We need to have a conscious understanding of our body, and her need for food. Many of us confuse our old habits, and greed for food for the true need of the body for energy. When you feel hungry, do not react immediately and start eating. Observe the hunger for some time, and understand from where it comes. Allow the body to be still, place your right hand on your solar plexus and feel the vibrations there. If required, take two sips of water. Stay comfortably for a little while, giving time for your hunger to settle down. If the hunger persists only then eat. To feel hunger is good. However, most often we don’t experience hunger but craving. 

Suffering exists only in the surface consciousness

All our problems – physical, psychological, social exist only in the ego self – the ego consciousness. Since most of us live in this ego consciousness, we suffer. The moment we are able to shift from the surface being to the inner being to the inmost being to the psychic being these problems cease to exist. Learning to live within frees us from the constraints of our ego self. It frees us from the struggles and suffering of our outer life. Suffering is the nature of outer life. Inner life, on the other hand, is the space for true love, true joy and true peace. Our life is like the ocean. Most of us live near the shore, where the waters are shallow and there are lots of waves. Life seems very interesting with lots of ups and downs. However, life here is shallow. It is always in a state of flux and as such we suffer. Only at the depth of the ocean do we find the vastness and richness.

A Meditative Exercise to feel Her Presence within 

Sit comfortably, and allow each part of the body to go into a very deep relaxed state. Allow your breath to become extremely slow and deep. Connect your body with the Mother Earth through the bottom of your spine. 

Become aware of the sensations around your body, and realise that all these sensations are only in the surface consciousness. 

Become aware of your heart, and know that there is a vast inner space within you. In a completely relaxed state, dive within your inner space, and experience the vastness. Stay in this space, and experience a whole different state of consciousness- the deep sense of silence, subtle joy and waves of love. 

With a deep inner aspiration invoke the presence of the Divine Mother. Visualise the Divine Mother inhabiting your inner space. With the sweetness of her presence, visualise her form within. Let your entire being be touched by her presence. Let her light penetrate every part of your being Feel her Divine presence. Stay within and cling to her presence Maintain an inner relation with The Mother.

Remain connected with her at all times. Feel Her Force moving and guiding all the time Feel a great nearness with her. Let your mind, vital and inner physical be in harmony with her presence and force.  Carry this presence at all times 


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