“Whom do I belong to?” A Question that leads to conscious healing

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Most of us pass our life in a semi stupor state. We live in our outer consciousness, and merely react to life. There is very little of a willed conscious existence, very little of conscious action or conscious thinking. Thoughts happen to us, motives happen to us, we are merely reacting to life and circumstances. It is no surprise our lives follow a predicable pattern, we live small lives, run after small goals, become satisfied with small successes, get disappointed by small setbacks. It is sad that we end up living such an impoverished life, limited in scope and purpose. 

Even for those for who believe that they have awakened to their true purpose in life, unfortunately even for them the old habits and patterns don’t leave them. Even they end up spending the majority of their lives in ordinary consciousness, moved by ordinary aims, guided by ordinary motives, and nothing really changes even after achieving all these mundane goals.

This article is for those who have at least awakened to the Idea that the ordinary life is too trivial in its scope and meaning, who have felt somewhere deeply that life must be much more than what it presents to the outer vision. Those who believe that God cannot have such a poor scope, that life cannot be so vain, that there must be something much more meaningful, that life can be much more beautiful. 

This article is precisely for those sadhaks who believe that they belong to the Divine Mother, who have consecrated their lives to Her, who believe that the only purpose of their life is Divine. This article will help these sadhaks to change their lives, convert ordinary actions into means of sadhana, and help in transformation of their very being into Divine likeness. 

Whom do I belong to ? 

This is a very powerful question, which has the potential to completely transform your life, to break the old patterns and change the very consciousness of your being. 

Let us start with our mind. If we truly believe that our mind belongs to the Divine Mother, what does it imply? This means that our mind now belongs to the Divine Mother. This means that we cannot allow our mind to be used by any other power, we cannot allow our mind to be used for any other mundane purpose. The mind belongs to Divine, and each thought that passes through must be surrendered to the Divine. There can be no other motive, only one motive, Divine’s will and desire. There can be no room for depression, boredom, unconscious thoughts. The entire mind space belongs to Divine. This means that there is no place for any human reactions, no place for ordinary human motives, no place for personal desires and ambitions, no place for any personal biases. Anything and everything is offered to Her, so that she transforms each thought, each motive. 

In the initial stages, we are likely to forget this question, and easily tend to follow the old patterns. But, the moment you remember the question, step back and offer the motives and the thoughts to the Divine, without any expectations. Slowly, you will experience the ordinary thoughts leaving you and a sense of vast open space opening in front of you. With constant practice, the remembrance of the Divine will increase in frequency and length of time and you will begin to observe the changes in your mind space, the quality of the vibrations, the sense of peace and vastness within you. 

Apply the same question to your body. Whom does your body belong to? To what purpose do you give your body to?

Once you truly believe that your body belongs to the Divine, then you will consciously make an attempt to consecrate your body to Divine. You will not allow your body to be used for ordinary motives, for unconscious actions. This means that you will start a whole new relationship with your body, you will start viewing your body as a temple of Divine, a a gift from the Divine, and you will realise that it is your responsibility to take care of your body, which actually belongs to the Divine. This will naturally result in a deep relation of love and reverence for your body. When you realise that your body belongs to Divine, you can never do anything that will harm your body. You will treat your body with utmost love and care. You will eat only that, what is good for your body. You will exercise body in a conscious way, that helps provide your body with adequate vitality and consciousness. You will make sure that your body is at the highest level of inner health and harmony, you cannot even think of drugs or alcohol or any other abuse which harms the body. This attitude towards your body, will completely transform your body, make her highly conscious and vibrant. All the causes of inner conflict will become resolved and you will experience health and vitality as you have never experienced before. 

Whom does your heart belong to? Does it belong to Divine or you wish to use for your ordinary human emotions? 

Once we commit our hearts to the Divine, then it follows naturally that we don’t give any importance to personal desires, we don’t have any expectations from people around us, and that we don’t care about egoistic hurts. Each and every emotion is turned towards the Divine, there are no dark corners where desires are hidden. Even a little practise of consecration of your heart to the Divine results in cessation of restlessness, and converts the entire heart space into a vast and calm space full of joy and surrender. 

A simple question, “Whom do I belong to”, can trigger a series of changes in your body, mind and heart and completely change the course of your life from mundane to Divine. The question will open up the sub conscious ranges of consciousness, transform the very substance of your being. You will become a free being. 

Mother’s prayer exemplifies this approach – 

“To turn towards Thee, unite with Thee, live in Thee and for Thee, is supreme happiness, unmixed joy, immutable peace; it is to breathe infinity, to soar in eternity, no longer feel one’s limits, escape from time and space. Why do men flee from these boons as though they fear them? What a strange thing is ignorance, that source of all suffering! How miserable that obscurity which keeps men away from the very thing which would bring them happiness and subjects them to this painful school of ordinary existence fashioned entirely from struggle and suffering!

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